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With current threats to Net Neutrality, we have dedicated ourselves to allow users to take back control of their privacy.


By using blockchain technology, we have created an independent and decentralized alternative for Google and Apple Maps. WIRE Maps features 3D maps, Satellite maps, turn-by-turn navigation with HD traffic, public transport and – downloadable maps that allow you to use WIRE Maps even when you are not online.

WRC Token


Our unique WRC token allows you to connect and interact with people around, incentivize local improvements and organize events.


Earn WRC by adding reviews to local businesses, updating POI information, and more!


WRC prides itself with super fast confirmation times and ultra low fees!


Token Specifications

Name: Wire WRC


Max supply: 50.000.000


Total supply: 50.000.000


Circulating supply: 50.000.000


Ethereum 223 Token (ERC20 compatible)


Contract address: 0xc3c0da1df516378e0775ac51d23a330175714969




Symbol: WRC

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